Saturday, August 28, 2010

#2 - Campus Quest

Yesterday we heard about CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education), Hispanic Ministry concentration, the Hispanic mission for January term and went on a Campus Quest. Campus Quest was another scavenger hunt talking to people in their natural habitats (offices). There are all kinds of fascinating people who add to the color of SSW. A woman who can drive a dumptruck, an instrument certified pilot, a full professor who made his living playing video games before he received his higher calling and the music professor worked on editing and contributing to the 1982 Hymnal, fascinating!

I have 19 fellow travelers, about 50% female/male and average age is probably mid 40's. So far, I have had a chance to talk to almost everyone. We come from all over, Diocese of Olympia Washington, South Florida, North Carolina, Texas (of course) and New Zealand! There is a couple here who have roots nad family in Clanton & Decatur but have been sent by and come out of the Diocese of Olympia-how about that?

I became officially enrolled at Seminary of the Southwest at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. I have 16.5 credit hours preset for me to take.
Classes include
Biblical Langage for Teaching and Preaching -read GREEK!
History & Hermenutics I
Spiritual Formation fo the Person
Formative Traditions in AMerican Christianity
Liturgical Music I- I had to have a "voice interview"- much to my surprise I can sing!!!
Liturgy I
Text & Context-Explorations on Formation & Experiential Learning
Intro to Theological Research and Writing
Think I will be quite busy this fall, I hope I have time to watch AU Football!

I would say I am about as settled as I can be for now, which is quite settled actually. It is now just a matter of living into the space. For those of you who do not know, I have a wonderful garage apartment with 5 windows- great light; it is less than a block from school. I am behind an adorable family, Mitch, Camille and Jimmy  who started 1st grade this past Monday. I can walk to most everything I need, the neighborhood is fabulous, lots of places to walk and I can hear what is going on at the UT stadium - band practice, games whatever...

I LOVE Austin. It and SSW are perfect for me, I am excited about what lies ahead. It will be challenging, enlightening, maddening, frustrating but above all, a journey unlike any other I could have possibly imagined. I welcome your companionship along the way!



  1. Holy Cowgirl! I love it! I'll surely be thinking about you with your 16.5 credit hours! Oh, my! And what credits they are! We miss you already...

  2. Holy cowgirl is it! I never imagined that, but you sound radiant on my computer monitor. You will be very busy with that schedule, but I'm sure you will shine as a student. Love being able to follow you on the blog. You go girl!