Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring has sprung and the birds are tweeting...

...and so am I! So, this twitter business is kind of fun. I'm not sure what to tweet but, one veteran tweeter told me, if it means something to you, tell it, someone else will find it worth reading. I've come across some really interesting people so far, it's amazing how much 140 characters can say.

Since I've been away for six months let me give you a twittle-bit of what has been going on. I've now preached five times, learned about virtues, telos, and natural law. Thomas Aquinas, at least I can read you with some intelligence and get what you are talking about. I'm caught in the vortex of the hermeneutical circle and  I can't get out! I hear once you get in there is no getting out! Hmmm... that seems to be a trend.

Hard to believe six more weeks and I will be 2/3 finished with seminary. Between now and then I'll have my candidacy interview with Bishop Kee Sloan, the Diocese of Alabama's Commission on Ministry, Standing Committee. They get to say whether or not I become a Candidate for Holy Orders. Now, I would say that's going all in. 

It's going to be busy spring.  I've been invited as one of eight from SSW to the Preaching Excellence Program in Richmond VA. I'll be upper camp chaplain for Sawyerville Day Camp  (check it out!) and I'm going to Indianapolis for General Convention this summer as a seminarian. You can follow our Southwest team at #sswGC and The Episcopal Church General Convention at #GC77

Oh and I almost forgot. 10 papers and projects due before April 28, inventory in the bookstore and Last Gathering.

Tweet me at @holycowgirl1 and I'll tweet you back.

TTFN (Tweet, tweet for now...)

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