Monday, June 13, 2011

Holy Cowgirl meets Rhinestone Cowgirl

May 9, 2011, Austin TX.  A fantasy came true on this night. I went to the TXRD, that would be shorthand for Texas Roller Derby. (  I have always wanted to go to the Roller Derby and never found anyone else with enough curiosity to indulge me, until now. Along with a group of friends from the seminary, we headed to the arena for a night of raucous fun to watch the Rhinestone Cowgirls vs. Hellcats. There is great irony in it; Rhinestone Cowgirls-Holy Cowgirl, and we are from the seminary and the opponent was the Hellcats.  There is another team called the Holy Rollers, I must go see them too.. I think God sees it fitting that I finally experience the Roller Derby as a seminarian.

The names of the skaters are very clever. One of the Rhinestone Cowgirls is "Alley Bamazon" , #US72-think she is from North Alabama? Then there is "Dusty Doublewide" #2XL and "Truckstop Trixie" #I-35. Go to the TXRD website and click on any one of the team rosters and see the great names for these players you will get a good laugh.

This is not my last TXRD meet, I must build my collection of tee shirts and to do that I guess I will have to go to the meets!

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