Monday, July 4, 2011

Home ........

This is a wonderful post that my sister wrote about our life back then...
Great Barrington is 250 years old.... Amazing... So in my mind I head out the back door, head south on West Avenue (on my bike) and go to Zayre's for some sunscreen, stop at Green River (too cold) and end up at Wyantenuk for some sun. Hungry, I head to J & J's, stop for air in my tires at Ray's, Harper's for smokes (yep, did that), Herbie's for the shoes I love, Mel's for a Tab and then Spudnuts for a jelly doughnut. Still on my bike, I ride out of town stopping to say hi to Hank Doncaster and on to Butternut. No skiing today, but what a view - then off to Friendly's for a Fribble - a glance at Marge and Tom's backyard to see if anyone is swimming, then on to the Jennifer House to walk through - never, ever gets boring. See Tom J is working at WSBS, ride past the Dairy Queen and the Pizza House (so having that for dinner), stop in at Hull Oil to see Lou, then past Grants, Bill's pharmacy for another Tab, Greenfield's to laugh at cards, look in the window at Endicott Johnson's, up Railroad St. to Army Navy - the blue and red & yellow cabs a plenty, back past Cooper's, Hi to Fred and Millie at Farshaw's and then Ted's..... hello who didn't love Ted's...... got my brown bag and go to sit in front of Town Hall at the fountain. The church bells on the corner chime 6 - time to head back up Taconic Ave to the house I will always remember as "home".... Nice ride. Anyone care to join me?
by Cindy Gerold Mullner on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 9:40am

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