Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Countdown Begins...

     ...and the excitement builds! We are less than 36 hours from kick-off of the 2010 Polity Bowl. The team gathers tomorrow afternoon for a final walk through and strategic planning. There is talk of a possible Pep Rally. We are going make sure we all have our shirts, black with white art depicting the ferocious 'thuri-bull'; that alone should send the Presby's running. However, if that doesn't work we will pull out the real thurible and smoke them out. Our tight-end doubles as the Thurifer, he's our secret weapon.
     We have been invited over to the Presbyterian Seminary tomorrow night for a Homecoming Dance, formal or fun formal dress requested. Family and friends of players invited, very nice gesture of hospitality. The Dean of Community Life has warned us against having too much fun and staying out too late, "we have a game to win on Saturday morning".
     Come on out Saturday morning to St Andrew's Middle School (34th and Shoal Creek), a spirited and possibly incensed time will be had by all!
   Blue & Black
we've got your back
there isn't much that we lack.
We'll run, we'll pass, we'll pull the flag
they'll never catch us as we zig & zag!

corny, I know...

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