Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not this year...

     We gave it our very best and we almost pulled it out. We led most of the game 6-0. We missed our 2 point conversion and they made their extra point so they won by 1. Bummer. PV said "it's almost easier to lose by 50 than lose by 1." I guess he's right. Oh well.
     We had a great turnout from SSW and had a lot of fun. We re-convened at SSW in the courtyard and had food and drink for all. Laura said, "we always win the party." And we do, even the Presby's said they love coming to our place for food, fellowship and fun after the game.
     There is some talk of doing a Spring game, maybe soccer. That would be fun too. So for the next 364 days they get to revel in their victory and we get to strategize for our win next year.


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  1. donna-eric just let me know that he still has the football signed by Cam for your nephew!!! Tell me where to ship it and I will get it sent out this week...I thought you had picked it up prior to leaving Birmingham. That will be a nice Christmas present!!!