Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Ice cream for breakfast"

We had so much fun at Mo Ranch. Tony Baker (Theology), Micah Jackson (John Hines Chair of Preaching) and Jana Strukova (Spiritual Formation) were the professors/advisors who designed this time for us. No rules, "we are adult learners and if we want ice cream for breakfast, we can have it". Except the kitchen locked the ice cream freezer until lunch so we really couldn't have ice cream for breakfast ~ bummer. That's OK, I now have a new perspective; Live life like you have the choice of ice cream for breakfast.

One of the main attractions is an old fashioned metal water slide and you use a wooden sled to ride down. It is probably 2 stories high and the slope looks very gentle until you are about 1/3 the way down and you begin to pick up speed-a lot of speed! If I can get some pictures up you will see sheer terror on my face! The first ride I ended up with a mouthful of water and I came up sputtering. Of course I wanted to do it again, so I did! It was too much fun!  I was asked, "You went down that slide? You bet. I didn't come all this way not to go down the slide!"

There was a group who opted for the Ropes Course and I was sorry I didn't sign the waiver for that. One of them was The Big Gulp. You are harnessed in, pulled up to 52' and let go to fly, Peter Pan fantasy fulfilled. The others I would not have done, climbing a 25' telephone pole, standing on top of it and jumping to catch a trapeze. The other was climbing a rock wall, I don't have enough upper body strength to do that

The Ropes Course is at the top of a mountain near the Chapel on the Hill. The views are really something-well worth the hike. It was dusk and I stopped at the Chapel on the Hill  to take it all in and I noticed at least 10 vultures circling, quite low I might add; vultures are very present in the Hill Country. It was kind of creepy and I so decided to move on. Later in the week I was talking to my friend Jennifer who has an interest in Native American spirituality and she told me vultures are symbols of renewal and resurrection. They were welcoming me to my new life, that is pretty cool and very powerful.

We played games, sang songs, talked, walked and got to know each other a little better. I am a part of a very special class who will do great and wonderful things here at SSW and beyond. It is exciting to be in the midst of this moment in time God has called us to be a part of. 
In anticipation of all that is to come and all that will be...


  1. We thought you were in seminary...you're having too much fun.
    Sis and Bill Dixon

  2. For now, I am having too much fun!. I suspect the posts to come will be more about the work, the papers due, the Work Study commitments and the lack of time to get it all done. Thanks for the post, please stay in touch!