Saturday, September 18, 2010

If it's Saturday, it must be SEC football (even if I'm in Big 12 territory)

Try as I might, I can not do school work and watch Auburn football. The Auburn-Clemson game has just ended and it was vintage Auburn-Clemson football, a barn burner! Jordan Hare looked beautiful on TV - the blue out from Auburn and the orange of Clemson. This is the first time in 5 or 6 years that I have not been in the stadium for a home game and for the first time I was really homesick for my old life.

Auburn did not disappoint, they kept me on the edge of my seat and made me wait until the third quarter to see some of what they are made of. Funny thing, some things can't change-I was jumping up and down, running every yard with them and slapping my knee at mistakes and bumbles. There are at least 3 Tigers out here so I'm not alone. (Funny thing, the Development director for SSW is an Clemson grad and he was at the game.) One morning in chapel Rob Dixon had on an Auburn Tigers t-shirt. It took me a few minutes to remember that I not in Alabama anymore-an Auburn t-shirt is not a norm.

I have confidence it will be a great season, they grew up a lot tonight and it will be fun to watch them keep growing up. Cam Newton, Darvin Adams, Michael Dyer and Ontarrio McCaleb just some of the real deals and welcome back Zac Ethridge!

It is time to get some sleep so I will be refreshed to make up for the study, reading time missed tonight., it was worth it!

WAR EAGLE from Austin!


  1. Some things never change, do they? Auburn's driving us crazy. At the end of the game Chizik even said it was a "God thing". Not sure about the theology but...
    It's great to read your blogs. We just finished a quiet day at All Saints with group who is praying for the new Bishop. Take care and War Eagle. Mark

  2. Thanks Mark, it is so good to hear from you! Writing for this blog is more fun than I imagined, I can see how it could get addictive and distracting. I guess if I am going to use the moniker "Holy Cowgirl" I should attempt some sort of theological connection...people may think it is all fun and games out here. So here's my theological reflection about my AU football break-all work and study makes Donna cry.

    Best to you and Sharon. Please send a quick HI! anytime. You can put a HI! in the subject line and hit SEND.
    Take Care, hope you are feeling well.

  3. War Eagle! Max and I just read your account of the game and it sounds remarkably like our experience. Richard sent us a photo Saturday afternoon of a bar in Denver with a huge Auburn banner displayed outside. We suggested he go inside and give them a "War Eagle", but he's not much of a fan having spent too much time inside the beltway in DC. I am really enjoying your blogs and I have things to catch up with you on, so I'll write soon. I know you are working very hard, but I sense that you are enjoying every minute ot it. Keep writing! Ellen