Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week One of classes is...

...finished. It didn't take long to get into the material, there are times when I feel like I am drinking from a fire hose.  The good news is I am getting a clue as to how the course material is weaving together; Liturgy I, Bible & Hermeneutics and Text & Context are winking at each other. I love the Liturgy class and so glad it is more than I hoped! We are looking at the symbolic meaning and historical context of our Eucharistic tradition and ritual. It is theologically founded and grounded in the basic human need of being fed. I don't mean this in a slight way, I mean it in the deepest and truest sense of being fed, eat bread.

My first seminary Saturday was spent as one might expect-reading a few hundred pages. It was a beautiful day so I could sit on my deck and enjoy the day. My neighborhood is pretty quiet so I could get a lot read. UT cranked up around 5 for a 6 pm kickoff. It was very Texas! They play all the real Texas country music   classics over the loudspeaker, time to kick it up in those cool boots! I heard that I could turn off the TV sound and listen to the PA at Royal Stadium, I didn't believe that was really true, but it is! I could hear the roars and every word from the announcer. I would look through the window at the TV and see what they were yelling about (7 second delay). Those Longhorns wore themselves out at the game so no need to whoop it up afterward on the street. (I am close enough to the stadium that people park on my street and walk.)

 I am assigned 2 Work Study jobs, one at the student run bookstore and the other as a member of the "Super Squad". In case you are wondering who the Super Squad is, we are the best dishwashers this place has EVER had and I happen to know that is a high standard! Between chapel, classes, study and work I have little time for much of anything else. I think I am getting into a study schedule that will work so I will have a little more time to go play. Good thing I had those 2-1/2 weeks before school started!

The biggest challenge is finding rhythm. It occured to me this week that this (really) has been more than picking up life as I knew it and moving here. I am starting all over with most everything. I don't have all the staples in my pantry or fridge that I just had on hand. I do, however, have a community of kind and generous folks who understand. I know, with certainty, that I am not alone nor are they. It has been easy to become a part of the community and it makes the transition less awkward and lonely.

If I don't go to bed now and get some sleep the world really will be "all Greek" to me tomorrow! (Greek at 8:30 on Thursday mornings.)

Peace be with each of you this night.


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