Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mid-week Update

     I am so grateful for this Fall Break, it's been like a long hot bath, relaxing, indulgent and comforting. It's given me the time to get caught up with life which is not so easy while school is in session. I've been ticking off many things I needed to tend to and I have accomplished a good bit. There's a lot relief in getting those things off my list.
     My week has been most enjoyable and the weather has been beautiful. I had coffee with a friend, lunch on the patio at Austin Java with 2 other buddies, taken long walks, watered the community garden and yes, read the newspaper, everyday! Well..., almost everyday. (I missed today because I forgot buy one while I was out.) I had my car washed, found someone to cut my hair and on Friday I'll use the manicure gift certificate I received from being part of the Phon-a-thon.
     I will be refreshed, recharged and ready to go into the second half and looking forward to what I will learn and how I will grow... some more.
Sleep with the angels and fly with the Spirit.
Peace be with you this night.


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