Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thin Place

     I went to church in Marble Falls in the Hill Country today. I have felt pulled to go back to the Hill Country since our visit to Mo Ranch in late August and today was the day to return.
       Marble Falls is about 50 miles from Austin west/northwest on Highway 71  The climb is gradual and the view is a surprise. Along the way, I catch glimpses of Lake Travis off to the east. I go through places called Bee Cave and Spicewood, past Paleface Ranch, and Muleshoe Trail Road. There are hard edged hills that roll to reveal high and low country. There's a lot of rock and dirt, short trees, scrub pines and dried up creek beds. (We don't get much rain here.)
      I take in the odd beauty. The landscape stirs something deep inside.  I can't get enough and I don't want to leave. There's a rugged soulfulness and it leaves me without words to describe it, it's a thin place. What I know about these thin places is they call us back; back to our deepest and truest selves where we connect with The Divine. Places such as these are where my soul is wide awake in anticipation of the beauty of creation. It knows it is getting fed, feels like it is being nourished but is never full.
          Awe and wonder prevail, there are no words, only the soul speaks.

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